My VW Polo

Firstly let me tell you about the car that I currently drive ...

It's a black 2006 1.4l VW Polo hatch. I bought it brand new from Alpine Motors for R114000. It was my first VW.

- 1.4l 8valve
- 63kw
- Power steering
-transponder key/remote alarm/central locking
-speaker pack
-interior lights
-mud flaps

From the word go the car drove beautifully. It had great power for a 1400, handling was good and the styling of the car was great. At R114k, it was a bargain!

The thing that let me down though, was the car had a defect. It had a problem with the engine management unit that took Alpine motors 7 months to fix. The car was in and out of the workshop for 7 months and VW didn't know what was wrong with the car. Only after I wrote to VW Germany did they get the car fixed. At the time the car was doing between 30000kms and 40000kms.

The car is now 4 and a half years old, with 167000kms and I haven't had any issues. In fact I must say that I enjoyed driving that little car :-)

I'm going to pay it off soon and it will be given my wife and then we'll begin the hunt for my next car.

I've test driven some cars this year and will be posting my opinions on each soon so look out for it ;-)
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