Volvo 330kw Triple Boost Drive-E Concept

Have you noticed that almost all manufacturers have shrunk their engines in the past couple of years? Although they have dramatically reduced engine capacity, power output has not suffered in the least.

We saw Nissan release the 1.6l Dig-T in the Juke, which delivered 140kw, and Ford with the 1.0l EcoBoost in the Fiesta, which churns out an impressive 92kw. This type of power was not even dreamt of 10 years ago from such a small engine. Well get ready to have your minds blown away...

Volvo has developed a 2.0l four cylinder triple boost engine, in their Drive-E concept range, that is capable of a whopping 330kw of power. Bear in mind that this concept engine will very soon make its way to production passenger cars in the Volvo range and is going to cause quite a bit of commotion once it's on the market. I'm positive that you will find a variant in the form of a hot hatch, which will be competing against the VW Golf R and Opel Astra OPC.

The fact that the engine capacity is only 2 litres, makes the engine versatile to improve power to weight ratio in any chassis and body form, be it hatch, sedan or SUV. The engine has a  unique triple turbo layout, with a parallel twin turbo feeding the intake and then a larger third turbo, which is actually and electric powered booster similar to a hair dryer, which assist the twin turbos to spool up faster, which in turn eliminates turbo lag. In short Volvo has invented the perfect turbo charged engine.

The trend at the moment in manufactures is to have one power plant that can be tweaked to cover the entire range. We see it in the new range of VW Polos, with their 1.2 litre power plants, which have been tweaked for each variant in the range. Volvo has achieved a high output engine that can be fitted to anything from a hatchback to an SUV. Another plus that we will see from this development is fuel efficiency.

Volvo hasn't announced an expected release date yet. For now all we can do is wait for this engine to hit our shores.


  1. That's an great concept for Volvo, will usefull in future defiantly.

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