Preview: 2016 Toyota Fortuner

Photos of the new 2016 Toyota Fortuner has been released just before the official world launch in Thailand, and so far everything is looking good.

With an all round redesign, taking pages out of the current South African RAV4, it adopts a slimmer headlight and tail light cluster, making it look more urban SUV than capable off-roader. The bumper setup also makes you wonder what an ARB bumper would look like on it. 

Keeping in line with the luxury theme, the Fortuner also has a high quality interior upgrade with leather and chrome trimmings. 

We have unfortunately seen Toyota shamelessly push up the price of the Fortuner over the years to figures that question the value, but let's hope that the launch price brings things back to reality.

With dimensions very similar to the Fortuner is Nissan's new X-trail 1.6 DCi 4WD with 4x4-i technology and a combined fuel consumption of just 5.3l/100kms almost half of what the Fortuner can do, it's set to be stiff competition.

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