1988 Toyota Corolla Twincam

The 1988 Toyota Corolla Twincam (also known

as the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex in some markets) was a sports version of the Toyota Corolla compact car. It was offered in coupe and hatchback body styles, and it was powered by a 4A-GE inline-four engine that was equipped with Toyota's "Twincam" 16-valve head, which gave it high-revving performance and good power output for its size.

In addition to the Twincam engine, the 1988 Toyota Corolla Twincam also featured a number of other performance enhancements, such as a close-ratio manual transmission, a sport-tuned suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes. It also had a distinctive body kit and aero modifications that helped to improve its aerodynamics and give it a more aggressive appearance.

The 1988 Toyota Corolla Twincam was well-regarded by car enthusiasts for its engaging driving experience and sporty character. It was also praised for its reliability and fuel efficiency, which made it a popular choice for daily commuting and long-distance travel.

Overall, the 1988 Toyota Corolla Twincam was a successful and highly respected sports car that helped to establish Toyota's reputation for building high-quality and performance-oriented vehicles. It remains a popular collectible among classic car enthusiasts today.

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