Formula Friday: George Russell debuts for Mercedes

Rookie driver, George Russell (22 years old), was probably given the biggest break in Formula 1 history when he was selected to drive in the number one car as the replacement driver for Lewis Hamilton this weekend in his W11 at the Sakhir Grand Prix. 

This is due to the announcement that Hamilton has contracted Covid 19 and is currently in self quarantine. Hamilton has informed his fans that his symptoms are very mild and is getting through it just fine.

Hamilton has been dominating the track all season and has secured his seventh Formula 1 Championship title, equalling that of Michael Schumacher, however there has always been the debate of is it the driver or the car. 

We all know that George is an exceptional driver and he has worked hard to get where he is. But this will be a true rest of the driver vs car argument. 

The W11 is a fine piece of machinery that I have no doubt that it'll do well, but will George be able to handle it and is Lewis as good as the great legends.

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