Formula Friday: The Mercedes Conundrum

 What an exciting week it's been for Formula 1, definitely one for the history books as we saw rookie driver George Russell take on the F1 grid and showing them that he is made of the right stuff. 

Last weekend, Russell was asked to fill in for Lewis Hamilton as he was in quarantine due to contracting Covid 19. This unique situation gave us the opportunity to see whether it's the car or the driver. The results clearly show that the W11 has an advantage over the pack and the questions that are being raised are really interesting. 

Is it really worth paying Hamilton the £40m salary? As there are other drivers on the grid that are more than capable. What would be really interesting is if we see Russell in one more race. 

Again there is no doubt about Hamilton's abilities, but the fact that Russell could do what he did begs the question, is Hamilton worthy of being call one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time? 


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